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This section of OBGYN is the most frequently asked topic on an exam and is equally high yield from a from a clinical as well as practical point of view. A good understanding and an in depth knowledge is hence crucial to ace your OBGYN test. My course is designed in such a way that will build your concept from the scratch and the perfect topic vise division will help you climb the ladder providing you complete insight of the topic, and help you better comprehend the sequel of events of labour and everything related to it.



A good informative and giving the knowledge from scratch which is absolutely necessary to learn about the whole labour process and the minor steps which might be missed at times.
Must go through for a quick overview of the gynecological procedure


Overall, the course on malrepresentation was a valuable and informative experience. The course covered a range of topics. One of the strengths of the course was the depth of knowledge and expertise of the instructor. They were able to explain complex concepts in a clear and accessible way, and they were always willing to answer questions and provide additional support when needed

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