Let's discuss together your preferred aspect during USMLE step 1 preparation

Let's discuss together your preferred aspect during USMLE step 1 preparation
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Languages: Arabic, English
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I am Kerollos a recent graduate from South Valley University that will be applying to the match cycle within the next two years
First of all, I perceive any tutoring experience as a really good chance to discuss and share our experiences together and get to know more about each other’s journey so far which is a big mutual benefit for both of us
Now about me, I have entered USMLE step-1 during the 3-digit score system and managed to get a 268 score; I actually enjoyed deep understanding of many concepts for this exam while using a solid Anki deck that I used even during my step-2 CK preparation
During the process, I also learned a lot of techniques regarding the best ways for studying and test-taking strategies
We can discuss any aspect you prefer for the pass/fail USMLE step-1 exam whether it was about the studying process itself and how to reach your goal in the most effective yet efficient way, best test-taking strategies, or we could discuss specifically a certain topic in any subject that you prefer
Waiting for you in the free session and even if you would not go further, it would be a pleasure talking to you for this one session!

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