Step 1 - Basic Sciences

Step 1 - Basic Sciences
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Languages: Arabic, English
Available Days: Friday, Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Available Hours EST: 10 AM EST, 11 AM EST, 12 PM EST, 4 PM EST, 5 PM EST, 6 PM EST
Number of Hours Per Session : 1

In this course we will cover the basic sciences for Step 1.
These include: biochemistry, genetics, pathology, biostatistics, microbiology, ethics and communication, pharmacology and many more.
The classes will start by revising important concepts from Step 1 first aid book or any other important resources for specific subjects.
We also will solve UWorld questions together to learn how to tackle specific topics.
Learning is flexible and will be individualized for students.



Amazing tutor, very knowledgable and friendly. She can explain anything concisely without wasting time! I highly recommend her

Uma Mrinaleni

Thank you so much Angela!
You were so helpful. I was comfortable, could follow so well and understand everything. I really enjoyed the interactive one-to-one session that included- explaining concepts with examples, discussing sample questions and brief overview on HY topics (all in 30 mins!)
This gives me some hope in passing this exam. Will definitely like to attend more sessions with you.
Thank you


Highly recommend Angela as a tutor. She is knowledgable and is very skilled at teaching concepts and making everything connect. She is proficient in English and her microphone is clear so it is really easy to hear and understand her over live tutoring session. During question solving she has tons of knowledge in all concepts and she easily teaches the student how to link the topics to make everything easier to understand. I have already completed 10+ sessions with Angela and keep coming back for more.

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