Step 1 tutoring!

Step 1 tutoring!
Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
Languages: English
Available Days: Friday, Monday, Saturday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Available Hours EST: 10 AM EST, 11 AM EST, 12 PM EST, 7 AM EST, 8 AM EST, 9 AM EST
Number of Hours Per Session : 1

So, here’s how I can help you get through this exam:
-We will start with a demonstration session where I approach a question and explain it in an integrated manner. We will cover the basic concepts which are absolutely necessary to ace ANY question! We will further progress to advanced concepts which are difficult to understand. I will be providing visual demonstrations which is a boon for a visual learner!
-I will be providing schedules and plans on how to go about different subjects – we aim to meet the deadlines as much as possible
-We will be doing questions together. I will teach you how to approach the question and learn the pattern to get into diagnosis–>
which will be followed by an integrated discussion of ALL the concepts connected to the question!
-YOU CAN DO IT! And I shall push you through every step if you have any difficulty.
-I’m approachable as a tutor/teacher/friend whenever you need because medicine & teaching is my passion.



I had 30 min demo session with dr.preethi.she was very cool .she answered all my queries briefly.she guided me regarding steps and she discussed pattern of questions and how we should study a topic.Thank you dr.preethi. Waiting for more sessions with u

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