STEP 2 CK Tutoring

STEP 2 CK Tutoring
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Now that Step 1 is pass/fail, Step 2 CK scores are of utmost importance. I will help you study for Step 2 CK and achieve a good score. We will mainly focus on UWorld for Step 2. We will begin with the basic topics and then move to more advanced ones. I will teach you the tips and tricks of approaching MCQs, how to look for key words in the questions to reach the diagnosis and give the correct answers and appropriate time management. You can also ask for the customised lectures based on your preferred subjects and topics. Feel free to reach out to me after our sessions for any queries as well. Hope this helps!



Loved my review sessions with Dr. Shivani! Her explanations are very simple and easy to follow. Definitely recommend her for USMLE prep.


I really loved the session. She is really friendly and explains everything step by step and in details. She cleared all my doubts and was actively engaged in the topic. I have a much more clear vision towards step2ck after this session. Thank you so much.

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