The most efficient way to study USMLE STEP 1

The most efficient way to study USMLE STEP 1
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USMLE STEP 1 is a challenging and intimidating road. Who best to understand it than some who have undertaken this journey recently. There is a lot of confusion about the approach one should adopt in light of USMLE STEP 1 becoming PASS/FAIL. You need help from someone who has appeared for this PASS/FAIL STEP 1. I have tried different study approaches and wasted a lot of time doing this. I want you guys to avoid making the same mistakes and want to direct your effort in the right direction. I had the opportunity to study from different resources and developed strong understanding and memory devices of topics tested on the exam. I will gladly assist you if you need help understanding and memorizing topics. Seek help; this will save you time and effort.

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