USMLE Guide to Step 1 and CV

USMLE Guide to Step 1 and CV USMLE Guide to Step 1 and CV
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I am an enthusiastic fourth-year MBBS student at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India. Having received my training at this eminent institute with leading associated hospitals and research institutes, I have a good grasp of the subject and am proactive in research. I cleared my Step 1 examination in July 2022. I have been fortunate to receive all the proper guidance at the right time and would love to pass on the legacy. With a solution-oriented approach, we will explore your areas of improvement and enhance your skill set. Join me as I help you reach the peak. For more endeavours of mine, check out my LinkedIn profile.



Excellent tutoring clarified my doubts and gave me an orientation to do good use of my time in study, she give me resources. I am motivated and thankful with her


The session was good and would recommend to others .


Thank you very much for the helpful discussion on creating a CV for step 1 and sharing resources for it.
In the USMLE process, it would undoubtedly be very helpful.


Informative and great session;
Must for an Indian IMG!

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