STEP 1 and STEP 2 Tutoring

STEP 1 and STEP 2 Tutoring
Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu
Available Days: Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Available Hours EST: 10 PM EST, 11 PM EST, 12 AM EST, 2 PM EST, 3 PM EST, 4 PM EST, 5 PM EST, 6 PM EST, 7 AM EST, 7 PM EST, 8 PM EST, 9 PM EST
Number of Hours Per Session : 1

About My Teaching Style :

? My teaching style of USMLE STEP 1 and USMLE STEP 2 is by reviewing online notes on zoom sessions like First Aid, USMLE UWORLD, Amboss or Anki.

? I will teach with digital pen and explain all topics in detail with specific sketches and diagrams.

? I can also provide sessions on improving your question taking skills on USMLE UWORLD, Amboss, NBMEs and CSE forms.

⭐ My USMLE teaching method is explaining all the stuff combining from First Aid with additional information from BnB, Amboss and sketchy combined so you don’t have to worry about studying them separately.

✅ I have my students from all across the world like USA, UAE, UK, Canada and Pakistan with brilliant results.
? A review from one of my students of USMLE STEP 1 from University of Florida is as below :

? “Dr Bajwa is an excellent teacher! specially for USMLE STEPS. He provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment. As a student, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies, feel safe and supported in doing so and gain valuable feedback that helps you to improve.”

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